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Rhett Brewer
Rhett Brewer - Represented by Artsite Gallery, Sydney Rhett Brewer - Represented by Artsite Gallery, Sydney
Rhett Brewer is a local Sydney Artist who has been exhibiting professionally since 1981 and has over twenty five years experience as Lecturer in Painting and Drawing at The University of Western Sydney, as well as being on the Board of Directors of The Penrith Regional Gallery & Lewers Bequest (2004-05) and The Penrith Regional Gallery Exhibitions Committee..

With over 15 solo exhibitions and more than 30 major group exhibitions, Rhett has been exhibited twice in the AGNSW Sulman Prize and is recognised for his strength of detail and colour of the Australian Ocean Shore, bush and towns.

In recent times Rhett's work has shifted away from studio paintings of urban landscape and man-made objects towards plein-aire paintings of the natural environment, ...particularly the unique, and often unexpected forms of the Angophoras and Snow Gums that I’ve been directly painting on the spot, or sketching and recording on camera in my travels as references for the studio work. the twisted rusting hulks of long abandoned cars which populated my rural landscapes, these trees are often depicted as anthropomorphic; becoming characters that relate to each other... a seemingly staged setting... human actors or dancers caught in a moment of stillness....

Whilst sometimes adjusting the lighting or the colour to reflect his response to their ever changing moods, Rhett is very true in capturing the natural forms of the trees.
Particularly the oddest ones, are faithfully observed to show the way these living things adapt, to maintain life in a testing environment, over time and how, sometimes, we might re-interpret the shapes ourselves...

The subjects of paintings for Brewer's 2015 Solo Exhibition at Artsite Gallery, were found on walks around Sydney Harbour, the Monaro district and the Blue Mountains where Rhett Brewer lives and works.

Art Bank
Brian Nylan Geometric Art Collection
Transfield Collection
NSW State Parliament House Collection
Private Collections:
Australia, USA, UK, and Internationally

Solo Exhibitions:
2015   Rhett Brewer, Artsite Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2014   Rhett Brewer Recent Paintings, Depot Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2010   Myth and Memory, Depot Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2008   Re-enchantment: Rhett Brewer’s Newcastle, John Paynter Gallery, Newcastle, NSW
2007   Sydney Light, Wallspace Gallery, Sydney, NSW
1999   Creation Myths, Michael Nagy, Sydney, NSW
1996   Paint, Maling Gallery & Turbine Gallery, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney, NSW
Paint, Michael Nagy, Sydney, NSW
1993   Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney, NSW
1989   D.C. Art, Sydney, NSW .
1988   Breewood Gallery, Katoomba, NSW
1984   Hogarth Gallery, Sydney, NSW
1981   Zanders Bond Gallery, Melbourne, Vic
Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, NSW

Group Exhibitions: (Recent Selected)
2016   Amplitude, Artsite Gallery Sydney, NSW
   The Energy of Water, Artsite Gallery Sydney, NSW
2015   Collector's Choice 2015, Artsite Gallery Sydney, NSW
2014   Collector's Choice 2014, Artsite Gallery Sydney, NSW
Shiny 2 - Pop up Space @ North Sydney, NSW
2013   Suburban Noir, Theme Gallery, Museum of Sydney, NSW
2012   Seeing the Same Landscape through Different eyes, Milton House Gallery, McKay, Qld
Painting the Everglades, Rhett Brewer & Leo Robba, Everglades, Leura, NSW
2011   The Golden Age, Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Windsor, NSW
2008   The Coloured Digger, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney, NSW
Postcards, John Paynter Gallery, Newcastle, NSW
2006   Cars and Houses, Wallspace Gallery, Sydney, NSW
M4 Group Exhibition, UWS Gallery, University of Western Sydney, NSW
2005   David Rex-Livingston, Sydney, NSW
2004   Three Colours White, Brenda May Gallery Sydney, NSW
2003   The Landscape Show, Lewers Bequest & Penrith Regional Gallery, NSW
2001   Intersections of Art and Science, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, UNSW Sydney, NSW
2000   Artist in Residence, Studio Exhibition, Bundanon, NSW
1998   I.S.I.S Symmetry, 4th Conference and Exhibition, Hiafa, Israel
Australian Contemporary Art Fair 8 (Michael Nagy Gallery), Melbourne, VIC
Science in the Arts, Arts in the Sciences, Academy of Fine Art, Budapest
M.A. and beyond, Casula Powerhouse, NSW
Bryan Nylan Collection Exhibition, Penrith Regional Gallery, NSW
1997   Sweet Foray, Katoomba, NSW
1995   Beyond the Perimeter, Sydney Festival, NSW
1994   Michael Nagy Gallery, Sydney, NSW
1993   No Angels, No Trumpets, Space YZ, University of Western Sydney, Nepean, NSW
1992   Australsky Vzorek, The Academy of Applied Arts and Design, Prague, Czechoslovakia
1990   Australian Contemporary Art Fair 2, Melbourne, VIC
1989   Pier 4, Walsh Bay, Sydney, NSW
1988   Finalist Exhibition, The Sulman Award, Art Gallery of N.S.W.
1987   Regional Accent, The Lewers Bequest and Penrith Regional Art Gallery, NSW
1985   Finalist Exhibition, The Sulman Award, Art Gallery of N.S.W
4 Ways, Brisbane College of Advanced Education, OLD
1982   Lewers Bequest and Penrith Regional Art Gallery, with David Hull and Graham Marchant
Woollarah Art Gallery, NSW
1979-81   Sydney City Heritage, Sydney, NSW
1979   Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, NSW

2013/2014   Artist in Residence, Kelton Artist Residency, Cooma, NSW.
2012   Artist Plein Air Painting tour, Flinder’s Ranges, S.A.
2011   Artist Plein Air Painting tour, Flinder’s Ranges, S.A.
2007   Artist in Residence, The Lock-up, Newcastle, NSW.
2000   Artist in Residence, Bundanon Trust, Bundanon, NSW.

Academic Qualifications:
   Master of Art (Hons) Fine Arts, University of Western Sydney, NSW
B.A. Visual Art, City Art Institute (COFA), Sydney, NSW
Dip Art, Alexander Mackie CAE, Sydney

2014   Brewing up old wrecks on Canvas, Elizabeth Fortesque, Daily Telegraph, 17th July
2013   Dark Deeds among the fibros , Linda Morris, SMH, 27th November
2012   Green Thumbs, Jill Fortescue, Daily Telegraph, September
2011   Cold War, Hot Dogs, with text by Peter Doyle
2008   Autobiography in Abstract, Jill Stowell, Newcastle Herald, July
2004   The Landscape Show (with photograph) Lenny Ann Low, 31 January
Art Almanac Profile (with photograph), December/January 2003/04
2003   Time Out (with photograph) Cumberland Newspaper Group, December,
Recalling Landscapes, Must See (with photograph) Sunday Telegraph, December 28
Spotlight- Chrisanthi Giotis (with photograph) Sydney Morning Herald, December 12
2001   Witty blend of art and science, Courtney Kidd, Sydney Morning Herald, June 13,
Symmetry and its Dissimilarities, Anna Munster. Catalogue, Ivan Dougherty Gallery UNSW, 7 June
1999   Ars (Dis) Symmetrica 99 Catalogue & profile ISIS,
Symmetry & Institute for Research Organisation, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1996   Making Eyes at Past Beauties (3 photos), Marie Geisser in Business Review Weekly, September
1992   Austral vzorek, Lenka Lindaurova, La Strana, Prague, October 21
1989   Lurid Lampoons, Elwin Lynne The Australian, July 22-23
1985   The Courier Mail, Brisbane , Sept
1981   In search of Vitality (with photograph), Nancy Borlase, Sydney Morning Herald, January 17
Sandra McGrath (with photograph) The Australian, March
A Calabrian in Paddo Maintains the Rage (photograph) Nancy Borlase, Sydney Morning Herald, March
Threat to a gallery, Ronald Miller, (with photograph) The Melbourne Age, Sept 17

Art Bank, Australia
Brian Nylan Geometric Art Collection, Australia
Transfield Collection, Australia
NSW State Parliament House Collection, Australia

Private Collections:
Australia, USA, UK, and Internationally

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