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Robert Gribble has been taking black and white landscape photographs for over 30 years.

"As a Black and White photographer, the influence of the American west coast landscape photographs of the first half of the last century is unmistakable, and I believe, unmatched."

"These images are of my Australia; personal places by virtue of repeated pilgrimages over many years in an attempt to capture the moment and patterns created by sunlight and shade."

"Time spent, at first light or the close of evening, walking and watching for these moments is an engagement with the place that is both reason and reward for carrying a heavy camera in an already full back pack."

"All the photographs are taken on one of a succession of pre-loved Mamiya 645 medium format film cameras and composed in camera. The prints are made using traditional B&W silver gelatin process in a dark-room and I do not crop negatives."
Private Collections: Australia
Artsite Gallery, Sydney, NSW
Artsite Gallery, Sydney, NSW
Disparate Realities, Head On Photo Festival 2012, Artsite Gallery, Sydney, NSW
Artsite Gallery, Sydney, NSW
Artsite Gallery, Sydney, NSW

    2005, 03   Art House Gallery, Sydney, NSW

Private Collections:   Australia

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