Vittoria Dussoni: Photographs
02 - 24 April 2016


Vittoria Dussoni´s large-scale black and white portraits have received an impressive number of awards and recognitions, most notably the Gold Medal and People’s Choice award at the 2012 Prix de la Photographie (Paris), 1st Prize at the 2013 International Photography Awards (USA), and an exhibition of over 60 of her works being showcased at the 2014 Daegu Photo Biennale in Korea, as well as being a 4-time finalist at the National Photographic Portrait Prize in Canberra.

Using exclusively the medium of middle format negatives hand-printed on archival paper, Dussoni’s images explore her subjects in their realities- whether documentary style or traditional portrait style, her works give a unique voice to her subjects, who are often the disempowered, marginalised or vulnerable groups in society. Dussoni is committed to photographing her subjects as dignified individuals, and always as beautiful human beings.

I try to emphasise the subject’s personal reality, yet I limit myself to showing only the essential. Ultimately, when I portray each individual, I am searching for what is common to us all.

Vittoria Dussoni 2016