Michael Ambriano
01 - 23 October 2016


I love the visually confronting and unique landscape of Australia.

Michael Ambriano 2016

Michael Ambriano´s solo exhibition at Artsite features work from his personal explorations of the bush landscape found in Australia´s National Parks, including Warrumbungle National Park and the bush surroundings of the Sutherland Shire of Sydney.

Ambriano grew up in Cronulla in a large Italian family, where he would explore the bush around Cars Park with his brothers and cousins.
This was the foundation of his enduring relationship with the Australian landscape.

There is nothing better for me than spending my time in the landscape, plein-air painting, sketching or just absorbing my surroundings... I enjoy the creative process because it puts me in a time and space that I can’t describe, but when I am there, it´s my high...

Michael Ambriano names Clifton Pugh, Sidney Nolan, Fred Williams and Lloyd Rees as some of his influences, and he describes subconsciously scanning the landscape for colours, shapes, forms, shadows and highlights before he sets up his palette. You just have to walk through the landscape and you will find inspiration. You have to teach yourself to see what is around you.

I love being able to discover and rediscover the space and scale of this land.

In 2012 Michael Ambriano was a participant in the World Expeditions Art trip to West MacDonnell Ranges-Larapinta in the company of well known Australian artists such as Euan Macleod, Leo Robba and Steve Lopes.

Ambriano´s work is developing a consistent representation in finalist Art Awards including The Paddington Art prize, and in 2013 he was the recipient of the Kelton Artist Residency at Cooma, NSW.