Kerwayne Berry
Kerwayne Berry Works on Paper at Artsite Gallery
Kerwayne Berry Works on Paper at Artsite Gallery
Kerwayne Berry Works on Paper at Artsite Gallery
Canadian born Kerwayne Berry immigrated to Australia in 1981 and established a very successful Interior Design business in Australia and Singapore. Since setting up her studio in Newtown in 2007 to concentrate on her arts practice, Kerwayne has become recognised for her subtle responses to the Australian landscape in mixed media works utilising a variety of mediums and techniques including printmaking.

Kerwayne revels in exploring and capturing her experience of the texture and light of the watery edges of the unique rock, and land-locked, pools of Australia and the waterless landlocked interiors.
Through the use of colour, exciting textures and the expressive energy in her work she opens herself to the viewer to share in the emotions of the moment encouraging us to reconnect with nature and the elements.
Kerwayne’s distinctive style expresses depth and energy through sophisticated layering of visceral experience.

Berry's new works focus on Binalong Bay situated at the southern end of the Bay of Fires on the northeast coast of Tasmania. The area is said to be one of the most beautiful and scenic places in Tasmania and of the worl, famous for it’s breathtaking and picturesque white sand, blue water and orange-hued granite that stretch for over 50 kilometers along the coastline.
The unusual name originated from Captain Tobias Furneaux in 1773 who saw the fires of Aboriginal people on the beaches butequally could apply to the orange/yellow lichen that grows on the granite boulders tlining the bay.

Kerwayne’s art practice is multidisciplinary including techniques of printmaking, painting, and drawing. Her distinctive style is poetically suggestive, a sophisticated layering of psychological and ecological landscapes.
Kate King BVA (Hons) writes: There is a rhythm playing through her work that is expressive of elemental forces of water, earth, air and fire.
These landscapes found within rock pools and the waters edge appear to echo aspects of Turner’s landscapes in their rawness. ...timeless and beyond cartography
...a reflective surface into which viewers fall ...that quiet place at the core of being, (eliciting)...a sense of discovery, resisting interpretation, ...and ...indiscriminate in it’s beckoning.

My very simple desire is to create work that reaches out and connects people to their nature, acknowledges Kerwayne Berry. Many years ago I saw photos of an amazing place that has called to me until I was finally able to go there and draw... this place was Binalong on the Bay of Fires in is almost prehistoric in its rawness, and drama, took me another three years to process the experience, the awesomeness, the rawness, ...the boulders,..the crudeness of nature, ..the subtle depths of the pools...

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