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Kerwayne Berry: 2022

Kerwayne Berry: LIGHTFALL, solo exhibition 05-27 November 2022, Artsite Contemporary Galleries Sydney, Australia.


05 – 27 November 2022

Kerwayne Berry: Lightfall.

Our vision…. our ability to enjoy the visual aspect of nature around us is only possible through lights’ spectacular ability to illuminate all. It is how light falls or penetrates matter at different times of the day … different times of the year that can transform the everyday into everyday magic. 

This is Kerwayne Berry’s third Solo exhibition with Artsite Contemporary Galleries.

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While I take hundreds of photos, I don’t work from them…. they are a tool ~ an ‘aide memoire’  ~ that I use to transport me back to the source of my inspiration.
I create in my studio, but it is my immersions in nature that sparks the desire to capture my feelings. Although my work is derived from nature it is not truly realistic as it is a merging of my outer experiences with my inner world. It is more a physical manifestation of memory and feeling. I strive for my work to be evocation rather than illustrative or prescriptive.

Just as we can find hidden aspects of ourselves when in nature, I find a different part of myself when I am in conversation with my work. There is an ongoing dialogue with each piece which requires a commitment to being open to what is presented.
My emersion into nature via my artwork has been a continuous exploration of taking what I see & trying to capture what I felt at the time that so inspired me.

The source of inspiration for these works comes from areas ranging from Mudgee to Orange, Blackheath in the Blue Mountains to Cronulla & Lilli Pilli, down to Austinmer, Mollymook and Tasmania. The areas could not be more different in their offerings, but all have given me such pleasure & joy and a sense of belonging.

If there is a signature to my work it would be a reflection of my exploration of light, shadow, colour & texture which stems from my preoccupation with natures perfect imperfection.

It is this fascination with lights’ ability to illuminate both the physical & spiritual that has fed my desire to interpret these moments & to share.

~ Kerwayne Berry, November 2022.