green initiative at Artsite  Contemporary

At Artsite®

We reduce energy usage in the gallery by:

  • the use of solar power to operate gallery lighting and equipment during daylight hours.

We reduce paper usage in the gallery by:

  • communicating with clients and artists by email where possible.
  • managing files and records on computer to avoid the need for printed documents.
  • when we do use paper for printing, we try to reduce paper usage by printing on both sides of the page, and only print the pages needed.
  • using recycled paper and card for invitations, catalogues and publications where possible.
  • using a graphic designer and printer who are aware of and use environmentally sensitive processes and products
  • sending out invitations by email – and encouraging clients currently receiving postal invitations to consider email alternatives.

We re-use and recycle artwork packaging, paper and plastics wherever possible by:

  • buying 50-100% post-consumer waste recycled and/or buying certified from renewable resources, office paper, envelopes, stationary, toilet paper, kitchen towel and tissues.
  • arranging for toner cartridges to be recycled.
  • returning packaging material to artists and suppliers for reuse and/or re-using wrapping materials where possible.

We further reduce waste and recycle by:

  • maintaining a Gallery Worm Farm for organic materials recycling.
  • using the worm fertiliser and castings in Artsite’s council approved community verge gardens.
  • sharing excess worm juice to neighbours and the local community.

At openings and events we:

  • encourage the use of reusable or recyclable products by discouraging the use of disposable products such as non-recyclable plastic plates, glasses and cutlery.
  • discouraging use of individual bottled drinks, especially water, to minimise waste.
  • encourage vegetarian options and the use of catering supplies that are organic, fair trade and sustainable where possible.
  • recycling all paper and glass packaging.

We encourage the use of public transport by:

  • providing transport options and maps on our website showing how to travel to Artsite Contemporary by public and alternative transport.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our Green Policy, you may contact us here

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. Any changes will be posted.